In the recent comment on Christian Science the inference...

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In the recent comment on Christian Science the inference was made that Christian Science practitioners may assume to have attained that spiritual sense to which death and sin are no longer realities. This is the goal to which all Christian Scientists are striving to attain, but it can only be reached by immense spiritual growth, and by each one proving for himself the immortality of man as the child of God, and the nothingness of death. Possibly no one on earth today has yet gained this clear spiritual insight, but the works of Jesus, the prophets, and apostles, show that it is within the reach of man here and now.

Every person healed by Christian Science, every sin overcome, every evil passion destroyed, is a result of seeing man as a spiritual, perfect being, and God as infinite Love and His universe perfect and immortal. Each error thus destroyed, and the truth of being seen in its place, aids to that degree in the destruction of evil and the bringing mankind of eternal harmony. With the overcoming of all evil, man then can truly say that death and sin have no more power over him.

November 30, 1912

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