Before I heard of Christian Science I was subject to...

Before I heard of Christian Science I was subject to attacks of deafness. At one time I was quite deaf in one ear for several months, and though I was apparently cured by medical treatment, the deafness returned later on and lasted for nearly two years. At this time I had heard of Christian Science, and had received many proofs of its healing power. I therefore tried to apply what I understood, but though other troubles yielded, the deafness seemed most stubborn. I suffered great discomfort, and it may seem strange that it never occurred to me to ask for help in Christian Science to overcome the difficulty. I think one reason may have been that I felt I ought to do this work myself, because I found that just so far as I gave up my own will and tried to be obedient to the voice of Truth, my hearing improved; but there was one point on which I was rebellious, and while that thought was cherished the deafness remained. As I began to assimilate the lessons of Christian Science and to be more obedient to the demands of Principle, I suffered less and less, and gradually my thought became clearer.

One day a friend spoke to me about the healing of deafness, as if it were difficult to overcome, and I told her that I was deaf in one ear. She said quickly, "No, you are not; at least, I have never noticed it." A gleam of hope came to me as she spoke, and I seemed suddenly to awake to the fact that I was free from the bondage in which I had been. When I was alone I put my watch to my ear, but I could not hear a sound. This did not, however, discourage me at all, for I knew that the long struggle to be obedient to the demands of Principle had not been in vain, and I worked more persistently than ever to realize that there is only one Mind and that this Mind is all-hearing, until, though my ear still seemed to be deaf, I was no longer troubled with being unable to hear all I needed to.

Testimony of Healing
A parable of frequent mention in Christian Science is that...
November 30, 1912

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