With all due respect for the view of a "tolerant skeptic"...

The Arrow

With all due respect for the view of a "tolerant skeptic" concerning Christian Science, there are some points of its teaching on which he seems confused, and I beg to say a few words in connection therewith. There was a time when the writer saw "through a glass darkly," even as does our skeptic, but continuous study and application of the teaching of Christian Science has brought a clearer view.

Our "skeptic" is to be congratulated on his good health and equanimity of temperament. He also has our thanks for the courteous way in which he has treated the subject of Christian Science. He should, however, bear in mind the words of the Master, "They that be whole need not a physician, but they that are sick." To all those who are satisfied with their present religious affiliations, Christian Science says, "Peace be unto you," but to the heartsick and suffering, the sinner too discouraged to struggle longer, the sick who have tried all material means to no avail,—to these Christian Science bears the word of healing truth.

October 19, 1912

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