I am glad to bear witness to the healing power of Christian Science,...

I am glad to bear witness to the healing power of Christian Science, which rescued me from the depths of suffering and despair. My knowledge of the letter of this truth was not sufficient to prevent a breakdown, due to anxiety and the tendency to overdo things.

Many testimonies tell of quick healing in Christian Science, but my experience was just the reverse, though I realize that this was due to my own lack of ability to imbibe its spirit more readily. It required about seven years of determind effort on my part, together with the help given me by practitioners, to overcome the ills from which I suffered, namely, of nervous exhaustion, sleeplessness, and neuralgia. I can compare my experience only to that of one who has fallen into a deep pit and has crawled out an inch at a time; but every effort to obey the spiritual law revealed in the Bible and Science and Health has been rewarded, and has been an encouragement to press on. God has tenderly fitted the back for the burden and tempered the wind to the shorn lamb, and every step of the way has been guided and attended by a greater sense of health and peace, until I have been able to return to my work and find pleasure in it. Life is once more a joy, instead of seeming a dismal dream. Death had not the terrors for me that living on through the suffering had, and I was tempted to end it; but there always seemed to be at least a little ray of light in my consciousness that all of the darkness could not extinguish, and I clung to the thought that, no matter how the storm seemed to rage, man is God's reflection and cannot an ? from his Maker (as taught us in our text-book), and that discord would be conquered at last. Many times I seemed to slip back and lose much of the ground gained, but it was only a seeming, for each time I rose stronger. To those who may be passing through a like experience, waiting for relief which seems so slow in coming, I feel like telling them never to give up, but to remain firm in what understanding they possess, and deliverance will most surely come, for God, we are taught, "is no respecter of persons," and all may receive His help.

Testimony of Healing
I feel that I should be as the nine lepers if I failed to...
January 6, 1912

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