It is a little short of remarkable that one of the largest...

Galesburg (Ill.) Mail

It is a little short of remarkable that one of the largest churches of the city should be crowded on a summer night to hear a free lecture on Christian Science. Yet such was the case last evening. One of the ablest men of the Christian Science church delivered a lecture which was profound and philosophical and yet seemed to hold the interest of the large audience from start to finish. Only a few years ago Christian Science was regarded by a majority of the people as a passing fad and few busy men would go out of their way to hear its doctrine and teachings expounded. Last night's audience was made up in no small degree of busy men.

Long ages have humans grappled with the problems presented by sin, sickness, and death. Physical and metaphysical remedies have been advanced, changed, forsaken, or clung to. And yet a universally accepted solution has not appeared. Materialists have increased in numbers and in strength of their doctrinaire assertions. But there remains a something in man that no material explanation will satisfy, an almost indefinable confidence that over all and beyond all, Spirit rules. Upon the definition of this ruling power and its attributes disagreement seems to grow with additional learning.

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