There is no word which has been more misused than the...

Kilmacolm (Scot.) Advertiser.

There is no word which has been more misused than the word "love;" even honorable and religious-minded people have, generally speaking, little understanding of it, and are often taken in by a sentimental and emotional substitute. In order to be really the love of God, love must be active, intelligent, bright, for God is Mind; it must be pure, steady, serene, devoid of ecstasy or excitement, since God is Spirit, law; it must be natural, simple, bracing, strong, the reflection of Life, of the eternal, unchanging—"I am that I am;" it must be gentle, light-hearted, and gay, if it is to have the lamb nature, the child quality,—"for of such is the kingdom of God." Finally, since God is infinite, omnipotent, ever-present, love must express the nature of the infinite, omnipotent, ever-present.

The Christian Science student dwells on such thoughts as these till he feels the warm sense of heavenly love flooding his consciousness, revealing to him God and his own true nature as God's child, made in God's image and likeness. At such a moment as this what has become of the critical, unkind thoughts he once entertained? Whither have they gone? What is hatred? It is a belief in a vacuum, a belief that somewhere in ever-present and omnipotent, eternal love there is a spot where love is not. Hatred then must be regarded not as a thing, an entity, a reality, but as the supposed absence of love. Thus as love enters hatred goes out, even as with the coming of the dawn the shadows of night vanish.

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