My attention was first drawn to Christian Science...

My attention was first drawn to Christian Science through the healing of my mother, who had a disease which had been pronounced incurable by her physicians. At first I thought of this teaching only as something mysterious, but I knew my mother had been healed, although I did not understand how. I did not look upon Christian Science as a religion until some time later, and when I did see this, I feared to study it, though I still had no little faith in it as a healing agent, because I knew of other instances where people had been healed.

Later, after having been under medical treatment for a long time, I took treatment from a Christian Science practitioner. I attributed most of my trouble to overstudy while in college, and, although I was not dangerously ill, still at no time was I well. At the time that I began treatment in Christian Science I was teaching in Indiana, and was in such a condition that it seemed I would have to give up my school work if I did not soon get better. My friends mostly advised me to do so, as they thought it too taxing for me. During the week that I was being treated by the practitioner, I took up some additional work, and was working much harder than usual, but at the end of a week (and the hardest week's work of the term) I was healed—entirely free from my old complaints!

Testimony of Healing
About two years ago I heard of Christian Science, but...
July 23, 1910

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