In starting out on the road to sell a line of merchandise, I should rather be possessed of my present knowledge and limited understanding of Christian Science, travel in a territory where the house I represent, the goods I sell, and myself are all unknown, than to have all the advantages in this respect without a knowledge of the power and availability of Christian Science to satisfy my needs, here and now.

When I learned that Christian Science is the direct opposite of what I supposed it to be, and that it presents the full and complete answer to Pilate's memorable question, "What is truth?" I was engaged in no business at all, having but a few months previously withdrawn from a medical manufacturing company. It is needless to say that, after having studied Christian Science enough to know something of the Principle governing its teaching, I did not reengage in business along similar lines. For nearly two years I devoted myself almost exclusively to the study of Christian Science, until it became necessary for me to earn sufficient money with which to buy a home for my aged parents. At this time a position was offered me to sell goods to merchants in California and the Northwest, for a manufacturing company located in one of the middle states. During these two years I had learned from my study of the Bible and Science and Health that "divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need" (p. 494); and this understanding did not permit fear or doubt to come into my mind, for so sure and certain was I of success that I took no thought of what I should say if asked by a prospective customer for some information concerning the fabrics I desired to sell; neither was I embarrassed when one of the first merchants I called on asked me if my goods were worsteds or cassimeres, but answered quickly and frankly, "I do not know."

December 3, 1910

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