True humility comes only as we gain true knowledge. A little learning often puffs us up; we think we know so much and possess so much, and we are very proud of our knowledge until we discover how little we do know. The more real knowledge we gain concerning the object we are pursuing, the more we realize all there is for us to know. The farther we travel, the wider the expanse stretches out before us that is still to be traversed. It is only as we ascend the mountain that we begin to realize how much climbing there is to be done before its summit is reached.

There is more pride manifested in the child's little "first piece" of music than in the grand oratorio of the true genius, because the knowledge gained reveals limitless possibilities and the ever unfolding beauties of harmony. This is so in all things—the clearer the view, the wider the horizon, the more we really see and know, the more humble we must become, for we can but bow in silent wonder before the infinite vastness and beauty of God's creation. As Christian Scientists we know that all true knowledge is but the reflection of divine Mind. As we grow in knowledge of God and man, it uplifts our thought, broadens our outlook, deepens our sympathies, and teaches us how to understand another's need, how to put ourselves in the place of others and see from their view-point, and so get at the true motive and incentive behind any seeming mistake. Only then are we able to give the right word of encouragement and help, the understanding touch of love that heals pain and wrong which otherwise might have met with only a rebuke.

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