As mortals realize that the tendency of a belief in material selfhood, with its desires, affections, and ambitions, is ever towards evil; that of themselves they have nothing upon which to build a perfect character or a pure consciousness, nothing pertaining to immortality and goodness, and that all in them which opposes the reign of Spirit must be denied and cast out before the Christ-idea can appear, they begin to see that salvation depends upon their complete submission to the all-inclusive Truth of being, explained in Christian Science as divine Principle and its idea. Applied to our daily work this means that "nothing that defileth," or that would make us false to the divine ideal of man, should be allowed to enter or remain in thought. Although to a material sense this may be the way of the cross, to spiritual sense it is the way of the resurrection.

Self-abnegation is a virtue whose culture and development is productive of the highest good, and this is indispensable to our success as Christian Scientist, but we are apt at times to lose sight of its importance or apathetically to neglect it. Self-assertiveness is one of the strongest characteristics of human personality. It manifests itself in self-will, stubbornness, intolerance, pride, hypercriticism, etc.; and the hardest struggles of the pilgrim Christward are for self-surrender, for the putting down of the false human ego and the enthronement of the divine. The willingness to put one's self and one's opinions and preferences aside, and to be guided wholly by the leadings of divine Principle, is one of the truest tests of discipleship in Christian Science.

July 6, 1907

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