About a year and a half ago, after many years of struggle...

About a year and a half ago, after many years of struggle with the world, I found myself sick and discouraged—disappointed by and with humanity; this, too, in spite of the fact that I had always wanted to do right. My life was one of constant worry and I never seemed satisfied or truly happy. I boasted that I was always able to overcome my enemies, but every time I got through with one there was, or seemed to be, another who had to be knocked down. There came a time, however, when defeat seemed certain, and I no longer cared what happened so long as I could end it all, for I felt that everybody misunderstood my motives, which I thought were always good.

After having tried doctors, and having been ordered away by my physician, who gave me morphine to deaden the pain caused by severe bowel trouble, at the suggestion of customer I sneaked into the office of a Christian Science practitioner. When I sneered at him, and told him I could not leave my business as the doctor had insisted I must do that very day, the Scientist said, "My dear fellow, if you go away you take yourself with you. What you need is to get away from yourself." Without knowing a single thing about Christian Science, and in spite of my sneers and unbelief, I was healed in two days, although I ate certain things to test my healing. Since then, with the love and patience manifested, I have come into an understanding of Christian Science, and have had the opportunity to prove my faith by my works. Harmony has taken the place of discord in my business and home life; perfect health—the kind I never dreamed was possible—the place of sickness; worry is a thing of the past, and my heart is full of thanksgiving. Need any wonder, then, that we are not disturbed by the attacks now being made upon us; for the wisdom of the world is folly, compared to the wisdom of God. In Science and Health, (p. 266), Mrs. Eddy sums up my case completely and exactly, in one brief paragraph, which begins: "Would existence without personal friends be to you a blank?" The answer to this question filled me with gratitude for so much truth expressed in so few words. I am happy to have been a channel through which many others have been healed; my own father of an ailment for which he had worn rubber stockings for three years, but which have since been discarded.

We can well afford to be, and should be, patient with those who have not yet seen the light,—when we remember that it was only through the love expressed to us by others that we have this pearl of great price. When I stop to think of the love, patience, and work which it often takes to convince one mortal that God does heal our sickness,—even after the movement has such a splendid footing in the world to-day,—what infinite courage and love did it take for one lone woman, unaided and without money, to tell the whole world that what they thought real was unreal. It is, therefore, no wonder that with this knowledge before me my appreciation of the wonderful truths which Mrs. Eddy has revealed to us is finding daily expression. When I tell people to-day that I am trying to be a real Christian Scientist, I find that it attracts respect, not ridicule.

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Testimony of Healing
Words are incapable of expressing our deepest thoughts...
June 29, 1907

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