In 1862 I suffered severely by reason of sunstroke,...

In 1862 I suffered severely by reason of sunstroke, and for the next twenty years my health was greatly impaired. In 1882 symptoms appeared which seemed to indicate a severe lesion of the brain. It took three years to bring about this condition, which was accompanied by intense suffering and great weakness, and I was almost helpless all of that time. The terrible suffering continued for more than twelve years, despite all that materia medica attempted on my behalf. I was under the care of ten different doctors, and consulted twice as many more, their diagnoses differing widely. Being a physician myself, I tried the best reputed remedies in the whole world. My house has been the home of many ministers, and many eminent men have prayed for my healing, one of whom is now a bishop. I prayed for help till I could pray no longer, and in my awful anguish I would repeat, "O God! O God!" until my good wife would lovingly chide me for taking His name in vain.

The more we prayed, and the more medicine I took, the worse I seemed to suffer. I am not criticising those who prayed for me,—they meant well,—but I was not healed. The frequent paroxysms of pain could only be alleviated by hypodermic injections of morphine, but I could neither eat, sleep, nor have any visceral action while under its influence. Finally morphine failed to give even temporary relief, and all hope fled; I saw nothing but suffering before me till I died. I had to give up my practice; I could not read or write; I was confined to my room and bed, not able to dress myself, from six to ten months out of the twelve, during all those years. In time other complications arose, until I was indeed sorely afflicted. When I had about exhausted materia medica, a preacher advised me to take treatment of a Spiritualist medium. While giving her a history of my case she lost consciousness and began an incoherent muttering, and Isaiah's words concerning the wizards that "peep and mutter" came to me then. This will show to what an extremity I was driven in my efforts to find even a hope of relief, but this mediumship did me no good.

When I at length turned to Christian Science, the trouble in my head was healed instantly, but all my fears were not overcome. I slept eleven hours the first night after taking Christian Science treatment, and arose the next morning and dressed myself, a thing I had not been able to do for ten months. I had been taught to believe that when one has been sick a long time he must be a long time recuperating. I believed the lie, and had to suffer the penalty of that belief. I procured a copy of Science and Health and began reading it. I was soon able to read by the hour, and I grew stronger all the time. At the end of seven weeks I was able to dismiss the practitioner, having gained from our text-book sufficient understanding to conduct my own case. I was healed in 1893, and barring a few slight attacks soon after, I have now for over twelve years enjoyed perfect health. I am sixty-six years old, but when I recall forty-five years of my life, I am young again. When about fourteen years old I had an attack of lung trouble which left a condition that for forty years troubled me at times, but since my healing in Christian Science it has entirely disappeared. I was raised in an orthodox church, and at the age of thirty became a member, but the concept of God which I there gained could not and did not heal me. I consider my physical healing the least part of what I have received in Christian Science. The spiritual uplift more than compensates and rewards me for the suffering I have endured.—Dr. E. N. Tull, Fairland, Ind.

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Testimony of Healing
I have often felt a desire to tell the Field of the proofs...
May 18, 1907

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