I wish to testify to what Christian Science has done...

I wish to testify to what Christian Science has done for my daughter. About two and a half years ago, when she was thirteen years old, she had a severe illness. After she was able to go out a little, she began to complain of her back. Our doctor pronounced it rheumatic trouble, and in a few days it developed into fever and a lung trouble. This kept her in bed for three months and left her with a severe nervous disorder. Shortly after getting up from the fever, the heart became affected and she was ill about three months, during which time, in spite of all that medical skill could do, she grew worse. Kidney disease then developed, and for seven weeks she was in a distressing condition. Three different physicians treated her, and each pronounced her incurable. At last the doctor refused to respond to a hurried call, saying he could do nothing for her. At this time every appearance seemed to indicate that the end was near, but, thank God, we then thought to call in Christian Scientist, who had been recommended to us by a dear friend. It was done only for the purpose of getting spiritual comfort and prayer for our child, as we had no hope for anything more. The first night after this treatment she was able to lie down and sleep, and from that time on she gained steadily and rapidly, until she was pronounced well and strong; and she has remained so. Her former physician called recently, as he was in the neighborhood, and was dumbfounded to see one whom he had thought was dead looking so well. We can never express our deep gratitude to God, to our dear Leader, and to Christian Science for the life of our child.

James Dalton, Bliss Corners, South Dartmouth, Mass.

Testimony of Healing
I wish to add my work to the volumes of testimony...
March 30, 1907

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