I have read with interest the recent article in the News...

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I have read with interest the recent article in the News by Rev. Dr. attacking Christian Science and its Founder, Mrs. Eddy, and later the reply by Lloyd B. Coate in defense of both the organization and its Leader. While the question of who has the best of the argument will be largely determined the point of view of those who read the different articles, there can be no doubt that when it comes to the spirit manifested in the respective communications, the Christian Scientists have altogether the best of it. I am not a Christian Scientist, but that does not hinder me from observing that, in public at least, the members of the denomination never indulge in criticism of other religious sects, not even in their denominational journals; while about all the attacks—and locally they have been mostly written by ministers of orthodox churches—have been so unkind and at times so unfair that I have been reminded of the Pharisees, the orthodox believers in Christ's day, who seemingly still flourish—at least in spirit—and are still orthodox.

While there is no doubt that Mrs. Eddy, as a Bible student, is in an altogether different class than Kitto, Smith, and Fallow, to whom this critic refers, and other learned Biblical critics, yet it is just possible that He who reveals to babes that which is hidden from the wise and prudent may have manifested to the world through even so humble a medium as Mrs. Eddy some truth along spiritual and metaphysical lines which was not granted to Kitto and his fellow Bible scholars to know. I am at a loss to know what those local writers who have felt called to warn the people against the new doctrine hope to accomplish by the attitude they assume toward it. Doubtless those already prejudiced will become yet more prejudiced, but there are very many who in some such way have had their attention called to Christian Science for the first time, and have, as a result, taken to investigating for themselves, generally by way of experiment. Such attacks manifest a spirit at the same time so unchristian and unreasonable that they only help the Cause of Christian Science; as is proven, I am told, nearly every time a newspaper article is written or a sermon is preached against it. If the orthodox churches are really sincere in their desire to know the truth and to follow the Master fully, they will suspend criticism of Christian Science for the time being and set about finding out the secret of its power to attract, as there is no doubt that it is doing, scores and hundreds of intelligent men and women to its membership, both from other churches of all denominations and from without the churches, some of the latter once dead in trespasses and sins, now seemingly risen to newness of life through the power of God.

Even though to this critic and others of the shepherds of the orthodox flock, Mrs. Eddy's "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" may seem to be the veriest vagaries, or worse, there is still no doubt that it has been the way of health and happiness to thousands who have come under its influence and that of her students and have accepted the teaching in whole or in part. Instead of attacks, why not study the methods of Christian Science and find out if its members are really, as they claim to be, following more closely in Christ's earthly footsteps than any other people? While there may be, and no doubt in some instances is, a blind devotion to Mrs. Eddy as the Leader and Discoverer of Christian Science, the real glory is given to God, after all, for healing the sick and reforming the sinner. And in their comprehension of God as divine Principle, omnipotent love, Life and truth, they are enabled to face this life with courage and undoubting conviction that all is good, for God is good and the life to come in the calm assurance that death has indeed lost its sting and the grave its victory. In other words. Christian Science takes the high ideal of Spirit as the real life of man and forsakes and, so far as may be, ignores the claims of matter for is not God spirit, and man created in His likeness?

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December 28, 1907

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