When I first heard of Christian Science, some years ago,...

When I first heard of Christian Science, some years ago, I was strongly prejudiced against it, considering it some sort of "faith cure," and scarcely worthy of attention, though I knew absolutely nothing about it. Blessed with the early training of a pious and saintly mother, being naturally of a deeply religious and serious turn of mind, I was fond of study, of digging deep for the truth of things, and seeing so much sorrow and suffering all about me, I was filled with an intense desire to find or learn something that would enable me to bring relief to the sick and afflicted. When Christian Science was brought to my attention in a way that demanded my respectful consideration, during the spring and summer of 1903. with a prayerful spirit I began to investigate it, in the hope that it might be the truth I long had sought. To show that my hope has been realized beyond my greatest expectations, I will mention some of my own experiences. In November of the same year I contracted a severe case of catarrhal trouble, and suffered several weeks before I could reach a practitioner; but I had read enough to be convinced of the truth of Christian Science, and my healing in a few treatments gave me the proof that I needed. During that winter I had a very beautiful demonstration of the truth that "God is a very present help" in every time of trouble, even in business affairs. I know that Christian Science saved me from an insane asylum and brought me surcease of deep sorrow, occasioned by the loss of four little ones, who passed away before I came to Christian Science,—two within seven weeks,—and I cannot feel too grateful for my entire spiritual regeneration, as I had failed to find in the so-called orthodox creeds the balm for my sorrow.

I had another most wonderful demonstration made for me in the birth of my last child in 1904. Untoward conditions, which threatened five weeks previously, were entirely overcome by Science. At six o'clock on Saturday morning I called the Christian Science practitioner by telephone, made all preparations myself, and at nine fortyfive baby was born with no trouble at all. I was up for a short time the next afternoon, and on Monday morning arose and dressed myself, attending to my duties as usual. The baby is now three years old and has never had a spell of sickness, cutting all her teeth without the least trouble, and of course she has never had medicine. I have also been able to realize one of my dearest hopes, that of helping others, and oh, what a joy it is!

Testimony of Healing
I feel that the time has come when I should add my testimony...
December 28, 1907

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