A Circular letter came recently from the joint board of directors and trustees of seventh Church of Christ, Scientist, of Chicago, asking that the Christian Scientists of Chicago help to meet the present need of Seventh Church, that it may dedicate its church edifice, now nearing completion, in January of 1908. The contents of this letter filled me with a joy that impels me to express my deep gratitude for being privileged to bring my mite into the father's storehouse. This is indeed a great privilege to Christian Scientists, especially at this time, when not only the Christmas worry and the sense of the coming winter but the false sense of panic have been seeking admittance to mortal consciousness. God's hand is never shortened that He cannot help us, and when we learn to know that all our supply. our abundance, all we need, come from that one source, we shall have no fear of lack or panic."

The realization came to me not long ago, when trying to meet the thought of a seeming need, that man's abundance from God is so full and overflowing, and that I am so rich in possession of the truth, that I could give to any one in the whole world who might ask of me and that instead of impoverishing myself by such giving I would only add to my abundance. In knowing God's richness I can give to the sick, the sorrowing, the meek and lowly, or to those rich in worldly possessions who are so often spiritually naked and hungry; that in healing the sick and preaching the gospel of Christ Jesus we are demonstrating the infinite supply of Truth.

December 28, 1907

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