For nearly my whole life I was subject to chronic stomach…

For nearly my whole life I was subject to chronic stomach and bowel trouble and had tried almost every known remedy, but nothing seemed to help me. For the last five years of the time I followed physical culture and hygienic methods, using great care in the kinds and quantities of food taken, and this seemed to give me a little relief, but only for short time. Gradually I became so bad that life seemed indeed a burden. When Christian Science treatment was first recommended to me, I only laughed at the thought, and said it would never help me, but finding no relief otherwise, I finally decided to give it a trial, as there seemed to be nothing else left that I had not tried. I went to see a practitioner early in February, 1907, and to my surprise I was able after a few days' treatment to sleep all night and eat without having any disturbance from the food. The improvement continued until I became perfectly well.

I am grateful not only for my own healing, but for that of my wife and children as well. My wife was healed of extreme nervousness and female trouble of long standing; her whole life is changed from one of suffering to one of joy and peace. My son had defective eyesight; an expert oculist said he would have to wear glasses all his life and that his eyes would gradually become worse, but through Christian Science he has been able to lay his glasses aside, and he can see perfectly without them. For all this we are indeed grateful to God, but more so for the spiritual uplifting and understanding which we have gained through Christian Science.—Morris Schick, Tropico, Cal.

Testimony of Healing
So far as I can remember, since I was four years old...
December 21, 1907

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