Nearly twenty years ago I was sent away from my home...

Nearly twenty years ago I was sent away from my home in Leadville, Colorado, to Denver, in the hope that the lower altitude might prolong my days on earth at least a few weeks, or months, which was all that could possibly be hoped in my case, as the best physicians in three States were all agreed that I was in the last stage of consumption. Away from home, facing death, and only waiting till the summons came, it was then that Christian Science found me, by way of a letter from my husband, announcing to me that he had put my case into the care of a Christian Science practitioner in Littleton, N. H., and that many very intelligent people were interested in this study or religion, among them some friends who had told him about it and induced him to ask for treatment for me. My first impulse was to write at once and put a stop to what seemed to me the very height of folly; but a second thought caused me to realize that my husband was putting forth the last possible effort in a case past hope, unless this new, hitherto unheard of method might chance to meet my need. So, without the slightest desire, hope, or understanding upon my own part, and really without any further thought upon the subject, except when my husband wrote to me enclosing letters from the practitioner (which I never read), my healing began, and in four and one half months from that time I was practically a well woman. I still coughed some, but the change was remarkable to the eyes of all observers, and I knew that I was well.

Since then I have never tasted medicine, and have enjoyed twenty years of excellent health. After my return to Leadville I secured the Christian Science text-book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, and after a careful, prayerful, studious perusal of the same, I began to apply my understanding of the Principle of healing as set forth in that volume. Since that time there has not passed one day without my use of the understanding gained through the study of Christian Science, not only in regulating my daily walk and conversation, but in the treatment of others by the method which was so successfully practised in my own healing.

Testimony of Healing
It is four years since I sought Christian Science for the...
March 24, 1906

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