Twenty years ago I was given up to die, with lung and...

Twenty years ago I was given up to die, with lung and bowel trouble. I consulted the best physicians in this country and tried all manner of remedies, but to no avail. The longest time I was given to live by any doctor was two years. I finally tried climatic change, but without benefit. At last, when all hope was given up, my wife, who was also an invalid, was cured through Christian Science and I was prevailed upon to take treatment. I improved steadily, but was not cured entirely until I was willing to read the text-book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy; to live nearer to God; to give up my own narrow, wicked way of looking at things, and bearing malice, envy, hatred, and the like. Then and not until then was I cured. If it had not been for Christian Science I would most likely have died years ago; now I have the blessing of perfect health, and know how to think aright, and understand how to love my fellow-men better. I will also state that before becoming interested I was very profane, an inveterate smoker, and a sinner in many ways; but these have all been dropped by the wayside as I have grown to understand God better. Furthermore, I did not believe in a God,—at any rate, not the one that I was told sent both good and evil,—but since I have learned that God is a God of Love only, the true idea of God has been revealed to me in Christian Science, which presents God as Love, infinite, eternal, and ever-present.

T. R. Hinsdale, Helena, Mont.

December 8, 1906

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