My gratitude grows daily for the understanding I have...

My gratitude grows daily for the understanding I have of Christian Science, whereby I am being healed of disagreeable traits and faults in my disposition. It has been a great joy to note this improvement since striving to follow the teachings of our beloved Leader. Before accepting Christian Science, repeated efforts were made to correct some of my faults, but the results were just opposite to what I wished. My physical improvement has been very great, but I realize that the improvement in my disposition is still greater. It is not surprising that a paean of praise goes forth from my heart to the giver of all good, and my desire to spread the "good tidings" to all mankind steadily increases.

When I first heard of Christian Science I had the opportunity to read the literature, the truth having been accepted by my mother, but I did not avail myself of it. After undergoing an operation whereby it was hoped that a serious ailment in my eyes would be cured, and still suffering without any hope of betterment, I desired Christian Science healing. I was in constant pain and feared that I would lose what sight I had. I procured a copy of Science and Health, but did not then comprehend much of what I read. I had a few treatments and received some help, the pain left my eyes and I was able to sleep comfortably; but becoming discouraged because I was not healed immediately, the treatments were discontinued. I read the book occasionally, not from a desire to learn of the truth, but to be healed physically.

Testimony of Healing
About twelve years ago, while climbing a tree in quest...
December 8, 1906

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