For fifteen years I was a constant sufferer, until I was...

For fifteen years I was a constant sufferer, until I was almost a mental, physical, and financial wreck. I had employed as many as fourteen different physicians, but all in vain, and finally my health failed so that I had to sacrifice a profitable business. I underwent a surgical operation, and for five months I was not able to pursue the practice of my profession, dentistry, although I did finally get somewhat better. After traveling for some time in the mountains, I returned to my practice, when again the old trouble,—piles, with neuralgia of the stomach, constipation, dyspepsia, and nervousness,—caused me to give up work, and with my family I went to the mountains for several months.

Three physicians told me I could not live long if I did not soon get relief, and advised a sea voyage as being my only hope, since medicine could do nothing for the neuralgia of the stomach; so I spent a winter in Central America, and while on the water I was more comfortable. On my return, I was advised by my numerous physicians to reopen an office, and did so, but after less, than two weeks of work I collapsed. I was nearly helpless for some time, but the determination to care for my family impelled me to struggle on, although there was no time that I was free from pain, and I could not work more than one hour a day.

Testimony of Healing
I have received substantial benefit of late through reading...
December 30, 1905

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