Consistency and Growth

Musicians sometimes take a well-known selection like the "Rock of Ages" and utilize its strong and easily recognized themes, which are enlarged and given new harmonic setting in what are known as variations. It the themes are thus handled in a fitting and masterly way, they lose nothing of their original force and appeal, but take on an added charm from their new tonal treatment and associations. We hear the call of the dear old hymn as before, and we find a new interest and pleasure as we note how it dominates the surging tides of song with which we are surprised to find it surrounded.

To those who have not looked beneath the surface of popular beliefs and learned some of the facts revealed by Christian Science, the earnest attention given to the Lesson-Sermon at our Sunday services seems unusual and strange. "Why such close attention to the Bible reading?" "What do these people hear that we do not hear? "What have they learned that we did not learn years ago in our orthodox church and at home?" are the questions they naturally ask. The words of the Bible are not strange to them. The reading is about the same as they have always heard. The congregational singing is quite familiar. They cannot see that these external things are only the variations. They do not hear amid these variations the Master calling, "Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." The Christian Scientist, having formerly toiled, suffered, and failed in his efforts to understand the spiritual meaning of the Scriptures, has at length gained the true and satisfying sense of their meaning, as given by Mrs. Eddy in Science and Health. He therefore hears deeper than the multitude, and recognizes the "still, small voice" which speaks through the Lesson-Sermon, and this explains his deep interest which may seem peculiar to those who do not understand these Sermons.

Christian Science and the Young Man
December 30, 1905

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