About eight years ago, while residing for a time in New York City,...

About eight years ago, while residing for a time in New York City, I found myself in a most distressing condition, owing to many perplexing cares and the loss of a dear relative. Having been considered delicate from childhood, when so many troubles came I seemed unable to bear them, and I began sinking rapidly. My family physician at last told me that my case was hopeless. He did not mean to distress me unduly, but as he wished me to leave New York, he felt it his duty to do this. I had had severe throat trouble for many years, and for ten years had been almost continually under the care of throat specialists and physicians of the best standing, in the North and South. Now I was told that my lungs were seriously affected. I had been expectorating blood for many months, and had become so emaciated that I did not look like myself at all. My stomach could stand no more medicine, and I could eat only the lightest food with any degree of comfort. My physician advised me to see several specialists, and then to have a final talk with him about my case. This I did, but none could give me any comfort, and all agreed that I must leave for Florida at once, as they did not think I could live two months longer in New York.

After having another talk with my regular physician, he told me that the most he could hope for me was that I might, with great care, live a year in a mild climate. He felt that the steady loss of flesh indicated a hopeless condition. After this, while presenting an outward appearance of cheerfulness to my family, inwardly I felt very much depressed, and when a slight hemorrhage came, while trying to make preparation for my journey, I gave up, thinking my physician had been right in pronouncing mine a hopeless case.

Testimony of Healing
Five years ago my mother was taken suddenly very ill...
December 30, 1905

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