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Appreciation of that which is good is an effective way of making the world better and happier. To broaden the mind, to strengthen it in high motives and honorable ambitions, it is essential that the censorious disposition be thoroughly curbed, and this can be done only by the cultivation of an honest, sincere appreciation of the good, however slight, that is discoverable in other lives. This may be done, too, without overlooking that in them which is faulty and injurious and which merits disapproval. If the mind is kept busy with the innumerable good things in the world—in nature and in humanity—it will enrich itself and it will help to create a current of influence that will lift the family, the neighborhood, the community into a sweeter, saner, healthier, happier state and thus exert a saving influence upon the world. Jesus discovered and acknowledged the good in those with whom he associated. He saw the possibilities of goodness in every one. He encouraged its development. He came not to condemn the world but to save it by evoking the good in every soul.

When the word of truth has been spoken it is no longer in the control of man. It cannot be recalled by the speaker himself and it cannot be discerned and removed by those who would act as inquisitors. It cannot be recanted by those who have been enlightened by it even if their lips are compelled to disown it. Many witnesses have been cut off from life and personal activity, but their word of truth has been uttered and remains as a permanent element in the community. Men have heard it and the secret is transmitted. The truth has found its place in the free and independent souls of men and will develop itself and produce after its kind.—The Watchman.

The Christian Science Text-Book....
December 30, 1905

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