Our critic contends for the reality and substantiality of...

Houston (Tex.) Chronicle

Our critic contends for the reality and substantiality of that which Jesus said was of no profit. He objects to Christian Science, while it but reiterates the Master's teaching on the subject. If our critic has no other sense of substance than matter, and if he is dependent solely on matter for his existence, he is unfortunate; for, according to recent discoveries along the line of physical science, the most eminent scientific men agree that, in the final analysis, matter disappears entirely, and that which had hitherto been considered an atom or mass of stuff, is proven to be a form of energy or force.

At a recent meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, Rt. Hon. Arthur J. Balfour, prime minister of Great Britain, in his inaugural address, in concluding a sentence concerning the analysis of the atom, said, "matter is not merely explained, but is explained away." If our critic finds fault with Christian Science because its text-book taught, as early as 1875, what the wise men of the world are to-day discovering to be true about the phenomenon named "matter," that is his privilege; but his contention for the reality of matter will never make matter substance. The abstract statement that "Matter is unreal," needs the following explanation. Christian Science teaches what the universe is, and that it is real and substantial. It teaches, moreover, that Spirit alone is substance, and, hence, that the universe is spiritual and not material.

December 30, 1905

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