It is with great pleasure that I speak of a demonstration...

It is with great pleasure that I speak of a demonstration I had on October 28 of last year while I was motor cycling in the country. It was a very wet day and the roads were in bad condition. I was going down hill with all the power on and traveling at full speed. The road was narrow, and a little way in advance there was a farm cart coming towards me. Walking beside this cart was a little child of perhaps ten years of age. Upon my approach she took fright at the sound of the motor and fell directly where I had to go. There was no time to turn off the power and apply the brake. In order to save the child's life, I determined to run my machine into the hedge. Instead of going into the hedge my cycle side-slipped, hurling me into the air. I felt no fear as I had protected myself before setting out on my ride. I fell heavily to the ground just in front of the hoofs of the horse pulling the cart. I immediately jumped up, and although my clothes and boots were very much torn, I was all right, much to carter's surprise. I looked around and discovered that I was over twenty feet from my machine, which was wrecked. Both myself and the child were protected by divine Love.

I am exceedingly grateful to Mrs. Eddy, our Leader, for the truth she has opened out to us. I have been healed, and have been helped by Christian Science in many ways, and it is my constant help and support in daily life.

Rudolph M. Mayer, London, Eng.

Testimony of Healing
After witnessing in my family a remarkable case of...
February 6, 1904

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