It is nearly three years since I took up the study of...

It is nearly three years since I took up the study of Christian Science. In that short time, by reading Science and Health, the Sentinel, Journal, and other literature of our Publishing Society, the following has been accomplished. I was a wreck in body and nearly so in mind, and I have been raised out of these conditions and planted on the rock of health, joy, peace, and understanding. My oldest trouble, dyspepsia, dates back to 1864. It was of the worst form, and lasted thirty years or more, with other ailments as bad if not worse. I became a member of an orthodox church in 1864, but for the many years which intervened between that time and February, 1901, I received no relief from the terrible suffering which I believed was sent by God, to mould me and make me fit for heaven.

I acknowledge help given by others, especially my wife, but I have been obliged to work for myself, and can cheerfully state that such demonstrations are easily discerned and acknowledged by those who know me. As my wife accepted the truth revealed in Science and Health at the same time that I did, we have had no antagonism in our home, but a sweet peace while searching for more light. We have services in our home each Sunday, but have not yet organized a society. To love and revere our Leader for showing us the way, is perfectly natural for me, as well as my duty.—E. W. Hammond, Retrop, Okla.

Testimony of Healing
I desire to make an acknowledgment of what Christian Science...
November 5, 1904

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