When I began to read The Christian Science Journal...

When I began to read The Christian Science Journal I thought it must be the truth, but I was afraid that if I accepted Christian Science I would have to give up my dear orthodox church, so I laid the literature aside and expected never to have anything more to do with it. Four years later, after having for several months taken care of a lady who was considered a nervous physical wreck, I myself was taken to a hospital suffering from severe nervous prostration.

This seemed a very dark hour to me, and I turned to my Bible for solace and comfort, with the thought, I believe that God can make me well. My Bible opened to the ninth chapter of St. John, and, after earnest reading, I felt within my consciousness that somehow I was healed, and that whereas I had been blind, now I could see that God was indeed the Great Physician who healeth all our diseases and cureth our infirmities. When the doctor came in, I unwisely told him of my beautiful experience, thinking that he would be as glad as I was, but, to my amazement, he looked at me very seriously and said, "If you go to studying Christian Science you will lose your mind, and I shall not permit you to go home until you have gone through a course of treatment here." He evidently thought I had already lost my mind, as he immediately called the leading physician of the medical staff to examine me.

Testimony of Healing
Although deeds are the best proofs of our gratitude, we...
November 5, 1904

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