I would like to tell of a case of healing which proved...

I would like to tell of a case of healing which proved conclusively to me that God is ever ready to help us in time of trouble. My two little sons were playing in the laundry where the maid had been ironing. She had just turned off the gas, leaving the irons on the stove. One of the children picked up a hot iron, and instead of dropping it he carried it over to the table to set it down. He came upstairs crying very hard, and when he showed his hand, a solid blister covered the whole palm and the fingers to the tips. He was asked to repeat the scientific statement of being, which he did, then had Science and Health read to him. In about half an hour he fell asleep, and while he was sleeping the soreness was met. After he awoke he did not once mention his hand, and the blister disappeared, leaving no soreness or scars of any kind.

This same child was brought through pneumonia, which had all the symptoms of a very serious case according to materia medica. I have been healed of headache which usually followed my going down town, by realizing that man as God's image and likeness is free from pain or error of any kind. I feel that I am being helped to overcome a great many things besides sickness. I am trying to be less selfish and quick tempered, and to realize that there are others than myself to be considered. I still have work to do, but to know that I am gaining a little, day by day, proves that I am working out the problem with the right understanding of Principle, and with the aid of the Bible and Science and Health, I hope to continue until all the tares are rooted up and nothing remains but the wheat to be garnered in the heavenly storehouse.

Testimony of Healing
When I began to read The Christian Science Journal...
November 5, 1904

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