Three years ago, in a time of great need, and in answer to...

Three years ago, in a time of great need, and in answer to a life's unceasing quest of truth, a heart's constant hunger for love, I found in Christian Science the revelation of Truth that met and satisfied all my needs,—healed all my ills. I had lost much of what I thought essential to my happiness, and was obliged to undertake duties which brought me under conditions that seemed beyond endurance. I became disheartened, discouraged, ill, and for about three years this depressed condition continued, until nervous prostration was threatened. Despite all that love and skill could suggest, I grew weaker, entirely indifferent to all my former interests. My only effort was to remian true to my relations in life, so that love should feel no change, lack no proof of love; for among the many blessings of my life, the most tender parental love, most happy family ties, have been mine. Twice I was sent away for rest and change. A third time the collapse came, and being ready for truth, I found it.

In leaving a large book department where I had vainly searched for better than the best, I came, in an unaccustomed street, upon a Christian Science Reading Room. Apparently without voluntary intention I entered. I knew nothing of this Science, nor of any one who did know anything of it. From the heat and bustle of the street, the cool and quiet of that little room, the atmosphere of love that welcomed me, these were indeed the angels of His presence, and this I felt. I was told that I did not need to go away; help was here; help was now. I believed it; I seemed to know it.

Testimony of Healing
I would like to tell of a case of healing which proved...
November 5, 1904

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