I can no longer refrain from expressing my deep gratitude...

I can no longer refrain from expressing my deep gratitude for the great blessings which I and my family have received since we came into Christian Science. When first I heard of Christian Science I had for nearly two years been suffering from the effects of a fall of forty-three feet into a chalk pit, which took place on November 10, 1900. When picked up I was suffering from a compound fracture of the skull, four ribs fractured, the right leg broken and severely rent. When my dear Christian Scientist friends found me, about two years later, on August 11, 1902, I was suffering from seven different ailments. I was longing to be healed; I had been seeking but had not found, because I did not understand. The doctors said that I should never be able to work again, and the ministers of my church said it was God's will that I should remain a cripple. But when Christian Science came to me it brought me that understanding of divine Principle which had been hidden from me, for now I am a healthy and sound man, and can walk many miles in a day. Since the first day that I knew of Christian Science I have not used nor desired to use any kind of medicine. I was healed in four days and was so changed that my wife and children scarcely knew me when I stood before them.

Since then, all my family have come into Christian Science and have had beautiful demonstrations of the power of Truth. My boy of nine years was cured of a large abscess in twenty-four hours, there being not the least sign of it left. He studied only Science and Health for relief. Also my daughter of eleven years was healed of a discharge from the ear, and another daughter was healed instantaneously of toothache. I could name many instances of healing by Christian Science, for we apply it to everything each day.

Testimony of Healing
It is now seventeen years since my attention was first...
November 5, 1904

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