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If one were to ask for the causes of that decay of conviction which has come upon so large a part of Christendom, he might discover that it lies in the cowardice which dares not make its venture, take its chance and unfurl its sail to the winds of truth. Knowledge in these modern days is like Hiawatha on those wonderful moccasins when he went "a mile at each stride." To keep pace with this spirit requires a confidence and an endurance which has not been cultivated in the churches. It is not dishonesty so much as hesitation, uncertainty, timidity, which afflicts so many. If Christendom dared, If it only dared to sail out or travel out toward the light! If it would stop this everlasting telling people about things which endanger faith. If it would only appropriate all well-established truth, and climb up on it and get a glimpse from it on to the wider world, what tremendous forces would then be turned for rather than, as now, against faith. The momentum of truth, the hunger of men for knowledge, the whole tide of intellectual expansion ought to carry forward the high interests of human trust and hope. A religion which contributes to the perfect whole of life must make this conspiracy, must harness itself to truth and run with it.—The Universalist Leader.

In a recent sermon Rev. W. S. Jones pointed out a need of our time too pressing to be neglected. After describing forms of religion that may lack the moral impulse, he said,

The Christian Science Text-Book
November 5, 1904

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