For the benefit of those who may be discouraged by delayed...

For the benefit of those who may be discouraged by delayed results, or who may be similarly afflicted, I wish to relate the healing of my niece, who was injured in an accident which occurred five years ago while she was spending the summer in a small country place. She was then twelve years of age and was swinging in a hammock, one side of which was attached to a pole upon which was fastened a very large old-fashioned bird house. The bird house fell upon her and it took the combined strength of three men to remove it. Upon examination it was found that not only was every part of her body bruised, but her left foot just above the ankle had sustained a compound fracture; the ligaments in the foot, on the outer side, were severed, and a small bone in the back was broken. It was months before she was able to stand on her feet without crutches, and then it was found that, owing to the knitting of the bone, the left leg was three quarters of an inch shorter than the right.

Massage was tried and every known means for strengthening the limb were used. The doctors recommended that an extra heel of three quarters of an inch be added to the left shoe. This was some help, but at the end of a year she could not stand flat on her feet and keep her balance even with this extra heel. She was taken to a specialist and examined by the X-ray, and the decision was that it was a case of arrested development with a strong inclination to curvature of the spine. She was ordered to wear a brace for nearly a year, electric treatments were tried to strengthen her back, and instead of three quarters of an inch added to her shoe, she was obliged to have shoes built for her, one with an extra heel two and a quarter inches high to enable her to stand straight. She was also obliged to wear a pad on one hip on account of the sinking of the hip bone. She could not at this time walk from one room to another without her shoes on, for she would lose her balance and her foot would turn under.

Testimony of Healing
I know that Christian Science can heal the palsied hand...
November 5, 1904

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