Not Governed by Chance

As the individual student advances in Christian Science, and the deep things of life begin to be understood in part, and take on even deeper significance because of the budding and unfolding of truth in his consciousness, one of the lessons which is sure to be learned in time, and generally in a short time, is that Christian Science reveals a Principle from which can be logically explained all things that come up in daily life, and therefore one is no longer obliged to dismiss as unexplainable, or charge to chance the things that come into his experience. Christian Science, therefore, eliminates from human consciousness all belief in chance as a factor in being, denies that there is any power in "good luck" or in "bad luck," that anything "just happens" or "would have been so anyway," and the student soon learns to seek for reasons, and in seeking he is rewarded by becoming satisfied and in knowing that there is a cause for everything that comes into his daily experience, however trifling the circumstance may seem to be at the time.

The Christian Scientist knows as a result of his study that God is the only Cause; he argues from this premise alone, rejects the fleeting hypotheses of human reasoning which had previously been his standard, and thus he arrives at the conclusion that certain effects which have challenged his thought and attention come from mental causes, and that any good thing which comes into his life does not "just happen," simply because it seems unexplainable from the old viewpoint.

The Motherhood of God
November 5, 1904

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