God does not Kill

Fort Worth (Tex.) Register

God does not kill! Neither by the flashing lightning, the whirling wind, the roaring water, nor the relentless storm. God does not kill with poison, pestilence, plague, famine, or flame; God does not kill with disease or disorder, with heartache, or headache, with vice or with venom. God does not kill anybody, anywhere, or at any time!

The doctrine that God takes away a child to punish or afflict a parent; takes away a husband to humble the wife, or the wife to humble the husband; that God comes into a family, like a besom of destruction, to kill and afflict and sadden; that God ever draws a tear or forces a sigh; that God bankrupts or burdens any one, good or bad—the doctrine of providential affliction and distress and sorrow—this unloving, godless and pitiless doctrine, has its place in the thought of to-day only because it has had the sanction of hoary ages. Not because it is true, or reasonable, or good, or acceptable, or helpful, or hopeful. Not because the Bible, or philosophy, or history, or science would have us believe it. But simply because we have been taught it, and have not had the courage to deny it.

The Lectures
July 4, 1903

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