For five long, weary years I was a victim of what the...

For five long, weary years I was a victim of what the physicians termed nervous prostration, accompanied with dyspepsia, heart trouble, and other physical difficulties. During this time I was unable to sit up for more than two hours each day, and then only for a few minutes at a time. I could eat very little solid food, and for some months took nothing but a small quantity of liquid nourishment each day. As evidence of what a nervous wreck I had become, I would state that my nights were a sleepless agony, and the slightest jar, even the vibration caused by playing a musical instrument in the room, would cause me acute pain.

After being attended by many of the leading physicians within the radius of a dozen miles of my home, and after trying all sorts of medicine without benefit, I was finally led to Christian Science. Within a comparatively short time after beginning Science treatment I was made "every whit whole," and for nearly two years have been free from all the old troubles. I can now eat anything that I want and enjoy it. I do all my housework unaided, and have even painted and papered several rooms recently without feeling tired, because I realized that God is my strength. I am deeply grateful to our heavenly Father for revealing the truth to our beloved Leader, Mrs. Eddy, and am thankful also to the faithful practitioner who helped me out of darkness into light.

July 4, 1903

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