"Weed your own Garden"

How many of us when we stand in our garden, choked with the weeds of error, instead of going to work to clear out the ground so that the flowers of purity, health, happiness, generosity, peace, and love, may bud and blossom in our consciousness, look over the fence into John Smith's garden, and say, "Oh, John, why in the world don't you weed your garden? it's full of everything that doesn't belong there. Surely your flowers never will amount to anything. Just look at that big weed, and that one."

Friends, what does the Bible say? "Judge not, that ye be not judged," and really are we minding our own business? If we all, each and every one of us, would pull up weeds in our own garden, roots and all, and continue the process until every false thought is eradicated from our consciousness, then we would find that John Smith will presently look over the fence and say, "How nice your garden looks; when you have finished won't you come over and help me weed mine?" Surely this is letting our light shine.

March 7, 1903

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