The Board of Lectureship

If the members of this body will kindly promise us to read no farther, we would like to say that their list and proportions, as they appeared in last week's Sentinel, nullify beyond question all intimations that Christian Scientists are "a lot of cranks and irresponsibles." The dignity, intelligence, and practical achievement for which this Lectureship stands would be an honor to any representative body, and that they should be permitted to appear before the court of public opinion as exponents of the Cause of Christian Science, is equally creditable to them and assuring to us.

Our incorrigible New York critic has been pleased, in his reference to the Annual Meeting, to characterize all Christian Scientists as "irrational," and from his point of view they may seem so; but the crowded audiences which have been listening to our lecturers during the past year would, we are sure, question both the logic and the courtesy of his statement. If we all, by the grace of God, see to it that we daily live the life and demonstrate the spiritual freedom and supremacy which, as interpreters of Christian Science, they declare practically attainable, then there will be no occasion for anxiety respecting the steady advance of our Cause.

A Kind Word
July 3, 1902

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