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Ernest Hamlin Abbott has an article in a recent number of The Outlook on "The Revolt Against Convention," the tenth in his series on "Religious Life in America," in which he says: "I found in my fellow-traveler [commercial] a type of a great number of men, as I had met them and talked with them who find in the conventional forms of religious life and thought, little with which to sympathize and much with which to be irritated. Not that such men are uninterested in religion, nor even in the Church and its ministers. ... I found a generally prevalent habit of judging ministers and the Church, not by their conformity to conventional standards, but by their fruits.

"This does not mean that such men are greatly impressed by numbers. The rapid growth of Christian Science interests them, but does not even begin to persuade them of its value. Evidence, however, that Christian Science has affected for good the character of some one they know does more than interest them; it arouses in them a respect for that cult and opens the door to persuasion."

July 3, 1902

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