A Sweet Prophecy

The occasional call of a robin heard from day to day telling us of the approaching springtime, brings back to me a beautiful experience. Affairs were not going right, or so it appeared to my mortal sense of things. It seemed to me that I was doing the best possible for me to do,—working up to my highest understanding of what was right; yet many things went contrary. Error seemed to voice itself through every possible avenue, and especially through those for whom I had done the most. Why was it? I could not understand why Scientists did not reflect more love and harmony. A thought which no doubt every Scientist feels some time in his career came to me and I said to myself, "I thought when I came into Christian Science that everything would be happiness and peace, but I never could have suffered so much in the old life as I am suffering now. I do not understand it." Instead of laying the burden all down at the feet of Christ—Truth—and there finding rest and peace, I retired for the night still holding it close to my heart.

What wonder, then, that my sleep was not peaceful, and that I wakened many times! At last I seemed to lose myself and slept quietly for a little while.

Christian Science Literature
July 3, 1902

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