In striving to follow the strait and narrow way in Christian Science we often think of Paul's words in Hebrews, 6:19, "Which hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast, and which entereth into that within the vail." Before mortals know anything of Christian Science they have a vague, indefinable belief, perhaps, that God is sometimes with them, guiding and protecting; then again, He seems to be far away, and they ask, Where is God? And thus as mortals are tossed to and fro upon the sea of human speculation, sometimes they think that God has heard their prayers, but more often they feel that their prayers have been without avail, and they are therefore, left at the mercy of chance and change wherein sin, sickness, and death seem to govern and control. Finally they lose all hope of freedom from any of these conditions in this world. They are taught that it is God's will and therefore inevitable, and moreover, that they must be submissive and be reconciled to what God has at least allowed to be or to exist.

But as the light of Christian Science begins to dawn upon them and they begin to see that it is not God's will or a dispensation of Providence that they should be sick, suffer, and die; that these conditions are not of Truth but of error, and that they should not be subject to them; that God never intended that they should be, but that through the power of Mind (right thinking) they can assert their God-given rights and overthrow these errors, letting Mind or Truth govern them instead of the body or error, then it is that they begin to gain new views of life and existence. Then they begin to understand God as Mind or Spirit, and they can "worship Him in spirit and in truth," giving Him all power and presence; at all times and under all conditions, overcoming evil with good. Even a small demonstration in this way begins to develop latent power of which before they were ignorant. Then it is they begin to realize the truth of Paul's utterance, "Which hope we have as an anchor of the soul."

A Sweet Prophecy
July 3, 1902

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