Sowing the Seed

Recently I was in the Santa Fe passenger station in Topeka, Kan., and observed a man with crutches go to the box where Christian Science literature is kept and take out the last tract in the box and sit down and read it with manifest interest. He did not take his eyes off the tract until he had read it entirely through.

The quiet work done in putting our literature in public places cannot be estimated. I recall a remark made by myself last summer to a lady who spoke of the wonderful healing of my eyes. I said, "Yes; but the spiritual blessing is so much to be desired that we lose sight of the physical healing." She spoke quickly and said, "But we do want the physical healing." Then I did not know how to speak the Word with power to bring the light, but it has since come to me as never before from Luke, 10:17—20, and to my sense it covers the case exactly.

Testimony of Healing
The Truth does not come to all in a sudden sun-burst...
May 22, 1902

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