Divine Love Leads

It has been proven to me many times since coming into Science that divine Love leads. Yesterday my brother was suffering greatly. He had just had a tooth extracted without the aid of Science, and he was walking the floor in pain. I thought perhaps I could get him to read something, and the first Sentinel I picked up I opened to a testimony of a man who had a painful swelling in his jaw and who read a verse in the Bible that mastered his trouble: "The Lord shall take the yoke off thy jaw." Brother was treated and received almost immediate relief.

That same evening I called on a lady who had been improving very rapidly under Science treatment. She had been suffering from a sore foot that the doctors had operated on. They were about to perform a second operation, when she tried Science. The swelling went down, the sore healed, the pain left, and she was able to walk in less than a week. When I visited her I found her under a sense of discouragement as the foot seemed to be very painful again. I told her it was not a bad sign. Error was trying not to give up. I opened a Journal and read the poem containing the following lines:—

Sowing the Seed
May 22, 1902

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