Some Fragments of History

A letter in this article was later republished in The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany: My. 306:21-308:4

In the last number of the Sentinel we republished some data relating to the writings, etc., of Dr. Quimby, showing that the charges to the effect that the Rev. Mary Baker Eddy had, in some sort of a way, borrowed her ideas from his writings or teachings, had been met and refuted many years ago. Yet notwithstanding these repeated refutations there is now and then an assertion from the pulpit and elsewhere that these charges had never been answered by Mrs. Eddy or by any for her. With the hope of further enlightening those who thus claim, we herewith republish some additional facts. In "Christian Science History," alluded to in our last week's article, we republished from The Christian Science Journal a letter from one of Mrs. Eddy's students, which we again republish as follows:—

"It might be interesting for you to know that Mr. A. J. Swartz of Chicago, went to see the late Dr. P. P. Quimby's son, and procured his father's writings for the purpose of having them published in order to show the world that your ideas were borrowed from Quimby. After having examined them, to their utter disappointment, it was found there was nothing that would compare in any way to Science and Health; and he, Swartz, concluded that it would aid you too much to publish them, so they were returned to the owner.

Among the Churches
May 22, 1902

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