Christian Science, Physician and Redeemer

The above is the title of the lecture delivered by Judge William G. Ewing at Symphony Hall in Boston, Tuesday, October 8. 1901, to an audience of nearly three thousand people. The occasion was among the important events in connection with the history of Christian Science. We have Judge Ewing's kindly permission to publish the following abstract of his lecture. We have great pleasure in doing so. Judge Ewing said in part:—

It seems reasonable to say that if Christian Science is proximately what its adherents claim for it, its merits should command thoughtful, candid investigation; that if it has prophylactic or therapeutic force, of even slight efficiency, afflicted men and women everywhere should know that fact; and certainly if it heralds in any measure the message Jesus brought to the world the weary children of men all round the globe should know that fact. I stand before this great audience to-night with the single purpose of encouraging honest, dispassionate investigation of a subject that has profoundly impressed my own highest sense of truth. I do not invite controversy or denominational wrangling, but simply an honest, patient seeking after truth with the utmost freedom of thought and expression, and yet with the fullest recognition of the unchallenged right of others to think and express their thought. I recognize the fact that my cause is confronted by sectarian prejudice and by the antagonism of all the schools of material medicine; and it is to these prejudiced ones I especially address myself, fully recognizing the fact that where prejudgment is not, truth haven-panoplied will meet and satisfy honest investigation.

The general impression of the people who have never investigated Christian Science is that its sole purpose is physical cure, that it is something that pertains solely to bodily welfare, while the truth is, that physical healing is but an incident of Christian Science. It is true that Christian Scientists do insist and indeed many of us know, indeed there are a thousand people in this hall to-night who do know as certainly as Paul knew that his Redeemer lived, that Christian Science does bring surcease to the heartache and heartbreak of men, that is does give roses for ashes, peace for pain, love for hate, health for disease, and life for death, to men, and yet neither one of these nor all of them combined is Christian Science, they are the results, the inevitable product, of Christian Science understood and lived; while Christian Science itself is a religion pure and simple, the religion of the Bible, our fathers' Bible, without prefix or suffix, without apology or excuse, the religion that Jesus came into the world to establish, the religion that he taught in the Temple, the religion that he preached throughout all Judea, the religion that he so lovingly and tenderly practised among all his people, and it is all of this or it is not anything that is worthy of your thought or mine for a single moment. In my advocacy of Christian Science I plant myself absolutely upon the propsition that Christian Science is given to the world by the life and' teaching of Jesus Christ. I believe, and I am persuaded you all believe, that the religion of Jesus Christ is worth more to men than everything else that has been or can be crowded into this universe, and whatever impinges upon that, whatever lessens the sweetness and song and love of that, will meet with my opposition, and in all conscience should meet with yours; and on the other hand, I am sure that if Christian Science is the message Jesus brought to earth it will receive your cordial endorsement and active effort to give it to the world. Now while the healing power of Christian Science is a mere incident, still strangely enough it is the feature of our belief that meets the most derisive opposition. I propose this evening to discuss briefly with you these two phases of Christian Science, namely, as a therapeutic agent and as a religion, the highest concept of God as Father, Preserver, Saviour.

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October 17, 1901

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