A Japanese Legend

The Weekly Magnet

Once upon a time there lived in the provine of Nigata a stone-cutter named Nekemoto. He was very poor, and he worked early and late in the quarries, hewing out stone for temples and palaces that he might never see. Life was hard and dreary for Nikemoto, and he was always discontented and complaining.

One night he lay down to rest on his armful of straw and fell asleep, grumbling that he could not be rich enough to lie on thick, soft matting, with a padded silk futon to wrap himself in. Now, the Ruler of All, who dwells afar in the White Palace, heard his complaint, and said to one of the Bright Ones that wait before him day and night, —

"Go, say to the stone-cutter that he shall be rich enough to lie on soft matting wrapped in a silk futon. And if he has still other wishes, grant them until he wishes once more to be Nikemoto, the stone-cutter."

"Playing Doctor"
October 5, 1899

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