A Voice from Nova Scotia

The writer attended the Christian Endeavor Convention at Boston in 1895, with hope of being healed of deafness. A lady whom I asked in reference to a reliable curist, recommended me to Christian Science, saying also that she thought the healing of disease should be taken up by Christian Endeavorers in every land.

Of course as I answered my adviser in relation to Christian Science, it was only to express to her my utter disregard of this means of healing. In the same manner many reject just what they need most. However, before leaving the city and after failing to receive help from the medical faculty, I determined to try Christian Science for a prescribed length of time and set aside a certain amount of money for the same, for I could not be rid of the belief that it was a money-making scheme. My wise friend advised me to return to my home and read Science and Health. This I did, and in less than six months the deafness disappeared, as likewise did several other diseases, such as constipation, neuralgia, and tonsilitis. Scientist, yet with God and the "little book," I have enjoyed peace of mind, a new sense of the Bible, of nature, of everything temporal, so-called, and have healed a few of my friends. As an earnest seeker for more understanding of Truth, as well as the grace and willingness of heart to perform, I am a firm believer that God's ark is moving through the land.

October 5, 1899

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