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According to the teachings of Christian Science is a man saved by faith, or is he saved by works? —L. C. R.

Man is not saved by faith in the personality of another, neither is he saved by reason of the works he is able to perform in his own strength and of his own accord. He is saved by that faith which can be, and is, demonstrated in works. The apostle says, "Faith without works is dead." In fact, works are the only evidence that man has a saving faith. But by faith and works is not meant merely a belief entertained about God and the practice resulting therefrom. The faith that really saves is more than the confidence and trust resulting from a human conception of Deity. A humanized thought of God may cause one to believe that he is safe from harm when he is in the danger. He will quietly fold his hands and dream he is "saved" when he should be awake proving the allness of God and the nothingness of error. The faith that really saves, understands what God is, and is also awake to what error claims to be and do. The grand results accomplished by means of this understanding of Truth are proof positive that a saving faith is a present salvation.

October 5, 1899

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