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Eye on the World: Monday, May 14, 2012

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NEW: Dalai Lama donates Templeton Prize money

The Dalai Lama, the Tibetan spiritual leader, announced that he will donate about $1.7 million in prize money to several charities, including Save the Children in India and the Mind & Life Institute, a nonprofit focused on understanding meditation. The Dalai Lama was awarded the 2012 Templeton Prize earlier this year for his contribution to “affirming life’s spiritual dimension,” including encouraging scientific studies on how compassion can affect people’s well-being.

Moved by the spirit” explores several facets of how God’s voice reaches and inspires those of various religious backgrounds. Our humble prayers to understand more of the religious traditions of others can mitigate hostility and violence around the world.

NEW: JPMorgan Chase’s $2-billion misstep

Wall Street firm JPMorgan Chase announced on Monday that Ina Drew, the company’s chief investment officer, will step down after her division lost $2 billion in a trading blunder last week. JPMorgan’s CEO said that the company used a “riskier, more volatile, and less effective” strategy in pursuing the trade than it should have. JPMorgan’s stock has fallen sharply since it announced its mistake, although it still expects to make $4 billion this quarter.

It’s comforting to know that our prayers aren’t confined in scope: God’s stable control of His creation can be reflected in an international company just as clearly as in our personal finances. In “Bad investment reversed,” an author shares how prayer healed the effects of a bad financial decision she’d been living with for years.

NEW: Tornado research

In the last few years scientists have gained new insight into how and where tornadoes form, allowing weather services to warn people further ahead of time when a twister will form in their area. For example, the National Weather Service in the US expects an update to its radar network to allow a better look at tornado triggers, resulting in the protection of lives and property.

Prayer, to recognize God’s guidance each moment, also keeps us safe during tornadoes and other natural disasters. In fact, we can recognize that destructive twisters don’t have any real place in God’s plan, which only includes safety for each of us! “God doesn’t create ‘natural disasters’” offers a starting point for our prayers.

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