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Eye on the World: Friday, May 18, 2012

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NEW: European markets nervous about Greece and Spain

European markets were particularly jittery on Friday, as investors worried about political crises in Greece and Spain and downgrades to the credit rating of several Spanish banks. Moody’s ratings agency also noted, however, that Spanish banks had taken steps to improve their financial situation, and that the support of the European Central Bank would help to stabilize the situation.

Under God’s government” asserts that our prayers can help reveal answers to economic questions, even on an international scale. The authors quote Mary Baker Eddy’s statement, “To coincide with God’s government is the proper incentive to the action of all nations” (The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany, p. 278).

NEW: Facebook prepares for IPO

Social network Facebook will begin selling company shares to the public on the Nasdaq index on Friday, with a total value of $104 billion – making this the third-largest initial public offering (IPO) in history. Investors say the share price will increase in trading, although analysts question how Facebook will increase its profitability.

For a prayerful consideration of the stock market and the responsible management of resources, have a look at “The stock market: a spiritual perspective on investing.” The authors explore how looking to God as the source of all good purifies our motives and promotes wise financial decisions.

Tornado research

In the last few years scientists have gained new insight into how and where tornadoes form, allowing weather services to warn people further ahead of time when a twister will form in their area. For example, the National Weather Service in the US expects an update to its radar network to allow a better look at tornado triggers, resulting in the protection of lives and property.

Prayer, to recognize God’s guidance each moment, also keeps us safe during tornadoes and other natural disasters. In fact, we can recognize that destructive twisters don’t have any real place in God’s plan, which only includes safety for each of us! “God doesn’t create ‘natural disasters’” offers a starting point for our prayers.

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